August 5th, 2009

Why Great Vision + Wrong Media = Less Influence

I was just coming off a study break with lots of stuff ready to post, when a new friend named Gordon Marcy sent me a link to this article.  Gordon is a guy dedicated to building media platforms for kingdom impact (and will hopefully be joining us for the Houston Vision co::Lab starting in Sept.) 

The article Gordon sent is "Why Willow Creek and Saddleback are Losing Influence While North Point and are Gaining Influence" posted on

In a nutshell, the article argues that while Bill Hybels and Rick Warren created influence through preaching, books and conferences, the primary media of their craft and day, Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel have now created more influence by utilizing the leading media as communication technology changes. 

What media are they referring to specifically? The article cites some interesting stats related to how these church staffs use multimedia, blogs and twitter. 

To be sure, the article risks over simplification, but will make you think about your vision's influence. The full article is long for a blog post, but worth the read and includes a stream of interesting comments. 

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  • According to Warren’s staff, Rick just instructed the entire staff to sign up for Twitter asap. No kidding.

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