November 8th, 2012

Are Programs in Your Church Faking God’s Work?

This is great little Gospel Coalition video with Darrin Patrick and Ray Ortlund. They introduce the concept of how we can “fake God’s work.” Here are a few quotes:


  • Simplicity is biblical
  • Some churches need to, in repentance, deconstruct what they have become
  • When the Lord is at work, you don’t need heavy programs
  • Church is so crowded that vision is lost and quietness before the Lord is lost
  • Busyness can be equated with importance, but that’s not the way of the kingdom


  • Our great temptation is to keep people happy
  • Much of what we do is in response to the voice of people or the voice of God
  • New ministries walk through a filter: vision, values, strategy and “wiff test”

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