December 9th, 2013

Most Doing Just Does, So Focus on Doing that Multiplies

Ministry multiplicationThis blog title would suck if it was written to the general public. The general public doesn’t even know what this blog title means.

This title is for you: The leader. You are a ministry leader. You a called by God to be a minister of the Gospel. You get up in the morning and you want to align your life and ministry with the life and ministry of Jesus. Don’t forget Jesus was a monster multiplier. 

I was recently having dinner with Robert Coleman, author of many books including the classic work, “The Master Plan of Evangelism.” As we talked and talked and talked, several points with deeply impressed in my brain. One comment was simple yet profound. Dr. Coleman said in the tone of an afterthought, “The disciples were not surprised by the Great Commission.” What was his point? He was clarifying that the mission to make disciples was not a new idea of a novel thought. It was what the twelve had seen modeled in every nook and cranny of life. Furthermore, every act, every event, every word of our Savior had  a multiplication intent. And as a ministry leader you are reading this blog today, called by God and leading ministry,  because his intent translated to impact. 

So stop your “doing” that just “does.” Focus, prioritize and  practice-until-you-master the kind of “doing” that multiplies.

Your greatest enemy and your biggest obstacle is that you are good at doing. You are so good at doing that if feels good to be good. Make no mistake, that is a problem. It feels so good to be good, you get stuck just doing.

What are you just doing that does?

  • Are you just preaching to preach the next sermon?
  • Are you just leading staff to lead the next staff meeting?
  • Are you just having lunches with key leaders to have the next lunch?
  • Are you just blogging to do the next blog?
  • Are you just sharing your faith to share it again next time?

Is the footprint impact of your life, just as big as your competency today? If you got hit by a Mack Truck what legacy would keep rolling? 

What can you be doing that multiplies?

  • How are you preaching so others can learn your trade?
  • How are you leading meetings so that others can lead more effectively?
  • Who are you taking to lunch to watch your casual-yet-intentional influence mojo?
  • Who are you letting into you blog writing process?
  • How are you showing others how you learned to share you faith?

When was the last time you spontaneously debriefed with a huddle of leaders, or reviewed how you did what you do, or invited someone to an unexpected time and place to watch you do what you do?

You know what you are doing. You know how it could be multiplying. Go multiply today!

3 Comments on to “Most Doing Just Does, So Focus on Doing that Multiplies”

  • Ed Underwood says:

    I take every emerging leader at Church of the Open Door through that book. When we read the forward and realize that the church is still ignoring the message, it makes me sad.

  • glen catt says:

    This is so “right”… I have been sharing it with a number of people! Thanks…

  • Dear Sir,
    I am not a minister, but a child of Christ, and His love… I want so much to share what I am so full of …so recently in my own life.

    Jesus, God our Father, and the Holy Spirit have been part of my life, my whole life. And yet, it took being beaned in the head so many times for me to truly look to God and say, “Ok, Hello, I am listening now!!” And oh my heavens, He is EVERYWHERE, in each moment and standing RIGHT THERE each time I turn around! (I keep asking myself how I could have possibly not seen, noticed, heard or even felt Him ~ all that time.)

    I feel so deeply in my heart that each horror, each heartbreak, each disappointment I have felt in all my years ~ must have been thousands of times worse for my Father in Heaven, who was watching me, with tears on His face for what I was missing… the point He was trying to show me…

    I am a leader in our business and a trainer of future leaders… and do you know that every single one, that I have shared what our Lord Father has put into my heart and written in His book, The Word, has been …drank up, like water to a man dying of thirst? I have to wonder if we (they and I) really WERE, dying of thirst for His Word, His Love, His acceptance and His Forgiveness…

    I was given this link by a dear dear friend, LOL, Glen Catt (above) who has recently been a big part of my own journey back into His arms. LOL, and I had to laugh out loud as I read your post because I too, am VERY good and getting things “done.” But have never considered if my “done” jobs will simply bring the next passel of tasks to be “done” or if my own “done” will multiply and spread. Thank you. I understand. My heart is smiling and my eyes are taking in, each glimmer of His Light.
    Merry Christmas

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