A few days before my 40th birthday I was thinking about a quote that has guiding my life for the last 25 years.  I read somewhere that I can't remember the idea that in thefirst half of your life, the opportunity of every situation is found more

in what you learn than in what you give.

Hmmmm...what does that mean now that the first half of my life is over?  For some reason, I take comfort (maybe too much comfort) in the fact that I still get to learn more than I give. It throws me back to understanding my life as a stewardship.

The next thought that crossed my mind, was "What are the other ideas that have guided my life and work the most." In 90 minutes I had written about 70. I was surprised that I could list that many, so I boiled it down to 40 and thought it might be fun to tweet them throughout the day. I figure the rest of the twitterville could put up with my extra tweets for one day! You can see the tweets and people's ERS (emotional resonance spectrum) by searching #40at40.

Also thanks to Brock Sawyer for typing them up on his blog here.

Here are the top six:

  1. Clarity isn’t everything but it changes everything.

  2. Jesus was totally clear about his origin, his mission, and his destiny.

  3. In the first half of your life, the opportunity of every situation is found more in what you learn than in what you give.

  4. The rest of your life will be in the future, so prepare for it now.

  5. The most important question I have ever discovered is, “What is God up to?”

  6. Imagination if more important than knowledge – Einstein

The rest of the list contains my personal, family and Auxano mission; the quote that lead me to write Church Unique and some of my favorite one-liners as a church consultant. Have fun and let me know your favs!
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