While at PGF, I co-lead with Alan, author of The Shaping of Things to Come and Forgotten Ways. Alan mentioned that Shaping was really written for church planters. They had no idea that it would become the foundational missional work that it has become. Following that work which was co-written with Michael Frost, Alan did the solo project entitled Forgotten Ways which focuses on the nature of missional movements. Here are a few quotes from his speaking:

--"If everything becomes missional than nothing is."

--"We design our buildings and then our building design us."

--"The best way to change is not revolution or evolution, but to tell an alternative story."

--"You have to challenge the system for the sake of the gospel."

If you want a little taste of Alan or you are new to the missional conversation, click here for an Out of Ur interview with Leadership Journal on the definition of "missional."

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