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Are you clear on your unique identity?  Join me in the next Virtual co::Lab to begin your clarity journey!

One of my favorite coaching engagements is the time I spend with church leaders in the Virtual co::Labs. I am really excited to be starting a new co::Lab experience on August 15. If you are a planter getting ready to launch, or if you just know in your heart that vision clarity will take your church to a better future, the co::Lab is for you! And, I would really enjoy spending time with you.

There is some general information you can click thru to at the end of this post, but here is a little background first:

We refer to the virtual vision small group as the Virtual co::Lab. It is an adaptation of the on-site Vision co:Labs that we do in certain cities across the US. The “co::Lab” idea represents a continuous and collaborative (hence the double colon) laboratory to focus on your vision. I limit the group to eight participants at a time in order to form a collaborative learning community and allow for focused coaching during the process. If you are interested please let me know as this group is filling up quickly.


  • Church Planters

  • Network Leaders

  • Senior pastors

  • Staff pastors

  • Denominational coaches and consultants

  • Church consultants from different specialty areas


  • Take your ministry through a formal vision process in sync with the group

  • Drip concepts of vision and strategy into ongoing, daily leadership

  • Equip yourself as a coach or consultant on vision

  • See this as continuing education as you go deeper with the book Church Unique


We will meet 2x per month as a group.

  • The first monthly meeting is a 2-hour webinar. You will see me on video and walk through content, tools and training all in a chat enabled format.

  • The second monthly meeting is a 90-minute conference call. This part is optional and designed for a Q&A roundtable and troubleshooting.

I will meet with you, one-on-one, for a one-hour coaching call. We typically do these at the end of the process but you can schedule yours whenever you want.


The webinars are 2:00 – 4:00 central time, the conference calls are 2-3:30 central time (this allows good timing for all time zones) on Thursday afternoons. The complete schedule is here:

  • August 15

  • September 19

  • October 17

  • November 14

  • January 16

  • February 13


  • One copy of Church Unique

  • One copy of the Vision Deck ($80 retail value)

  • A set of process tools we use for onsite vision work

  • A notebook for a set of handouts and worksheets for each session


The coaching fee for the entire co::Lab is $1,800.


I hope to get to know you in the co::Lab!

"I believe the small group experience with Will Mancini will prove to be one of the single most significant chapters in the life of The 360 Church. After devouring the book (Church Unique) three times, the co::Lab process allow us to take the words from the page and have dialogue and real-time assessment. My encouragement to other pastors and leaders is simply this: Do it! Actually, do it now! Through the co::Lab process, we have defined who God has uniquely made our local church to be and equal to this, we have learned how to articulate the vision so that it lives, literally, in every nook and cranny of our ministry."  -  Steve McCoy, pastor of The 36O Church in Sarasota, Florida 

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