I just got off the phone with the leader of the largest non-profit that has gone through our Vision Pathway  at Auxano.  They have thousands of employees and are a part of  largest Protestant resource organization in the world. Next week is the most significant expansion step of the roll-out; from 50 centralized leaders at the home office to 300 decentralized, front-line leaders across the country.

To gauge the effectiveness of any process we look at 4 measures:

Everyday Visionary: Does the core leadership demonstrate effortless skill at passionately answering the five irreducible questions of clarity? Check.

Team Synergy: Does the team demonstrate unprecedented enthusiasm and tangible energy for what they do and how they do it? Check.

Unique Expression: Could the team share with authentic precision and humble confidence a ministry model and vision that can be found no where else on earth? Check.

Redemptive Movement: Does the clarity translate to more men. women, boys and girls coming to Jesus for the first time and a lifetime? Check.

I always indulge the moment to learn just a little bit more. As we were wrapping up our final coaching moment before the big week, I asked the question, What do you like best about your vision frame?

He answered... and then he didn't stop.

First: He said, "I am surprised by how quickly and  positively people connect with it. I guess I thought it would take more time or require more explanation but it doesn't. 

Second: He said, "I am surprised by how my team spontaneously holds each other mutually accountable by our values."

Third: He said, "One of our incubator sites where we have prototyped some aspects of the new vision, we have doubled our growth."

Clarity isn't everything but it changes everything.

What do you like best about your vision frame?

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