The Future Church Company launched in 2020 with the objective of equipping churches to better understand how they can build churches that are more effective in making disciples.

The philosophy and tools that form the foundation of the Future Church Company come from Will's book Future Church: Seven Laws of Real Church Growth, which will be released in late 2020.

In reality, the Future Church Company is an umbrella for several organizations that work together to empower individuals, churches, and networks to make meaningful progress.


God has a dream for each follower of Jesus. Many people speed through life and miss the power of a vivid understanding of God’s special calling. Younique is the only gospel-centered life plan experience that’s simple enough for every follower of Jesus and yet powerful enough to change the way people live every day. Through our process, people intentionally craft their future story to realize God’s dream.


God has a dream for every local church. Many leaders settle for a church built around a weekend service, bi-weekly small groups, and once-a-month serving opportunities. But that’s not true disciple-making. Pivvot guides local church leaders through a paradigm shift where they rewrite their future story to build processes that intentionally multiply disciples, not just attenders.


God has a dream for each denomination and network. Many network leaders have seen the churches they serve find value and best practices from outside resources, resulting in a network that seems increasingly irrelevant. Denominee guides denominational leaders through a process to identify key areas where they can bring amplified value and develop a future story based on a Next Step Operating System to deliver that increased value.