To be vague as a leader is to be dim, faint, shadowy, wispy, undefined and obscure. The cost of being vague is so high, it should be considered an enemy. Consider the cost. 

If you are vague...

  1. People won't see God's unique calling and wonder why your ministry matters

  2. Others will grab the rudder and easily question your direction

  3. Enthusiasm will be short-circuited and excitement will be drenched

  4. The monotony of ministry work will be felt and left unchallenged

  5. Silos breed and people "do what's right in their own eyes"

  6. People never know if the ministry is "winning"

  7. A life of simplicity and focus will be something you only daydream about

  8. Credibility with your people will slowly erode

  9. The uncertainty of the future will create fear or apathy

  10. Your team's prayer life won't be stoked by specific, God-inspired dreams

In the end, being vague is to miss the opportunity to honor the God who makes the most important things in ministry clear and who still speaks today.

Want more? Rick Warren just sent out a little article on being specific with your vision in his Ministry Toolbox. I always enjoy his material.

Topics: Date: Jun 24, 2010 Tags: church vision / Rick Warren / thinkholes