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The Destiny Chapters

Part 6 of the Younique Book covers Bucket List, Ultimate Contribution and the Spiritual Practice of Meditating on Death

Thank you for coming by the blog to get the free download called, The Destiny Chapters, which is part 6 of my book entitled, Younique: Designing the Life God Dreamed for You.


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My Restoration Journey Was Completed on May 12, 2023

A Life Update About My Restoration Journey

How God is So Good in the Midst of our Greatest Failures

The most recent update is that my restoration journey was completed on May 12, 2023. The team met in Houston for a day of work which included in depth reviews, prayer, and accountability with the team. The team made the Currently, I am on an extended visit to Chile with Romy (and our young daughter, Poema) where she grew up in Santiago. We will return to Houston at the end of July. I am resting and exercising better than I What does the future hold for me? For now I’ll continue full time cultivating heart-time with Jesus and family as I work on my restoration. I am learning and reengaging the ready embrace of my Savior. As Dane Ortlund reflects, The members of the restoration team listed below make up one of two teams helping me at this time. There is also a "friendship team" of close friends and pastors who have known me as far back as college and [...]

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Unpublished: Church Growth Hoaxes that Demotivate the Small Church Pastor

Unpublished: Church Growth Hoaxes that Demotivate the Small Church Pastor

The gritty bonus content that didn’t get published in the Future Church book

Some of the hardest working, most devoted pastors work in the smallest churches in terms of attendance. If you’re a small church pastor, you probably feel more alone, more tired, and (at times) more frustrated than pastors of churches 10 times yours in attendance. And that was before the COVID disruption.


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Why Origins Church became Trinity Grace: Name Change Series Story #2

Why Origins Church became Trinity Grace: Name Change Series Story #2

When your church name is a barrier to the people you want to reach

The second strategic reason to change a name is when your name is a barrier to the people you are trying to reach. Churches serious about reaching people far from God have taken great strides to "remove all barriers" to fulfilling the mission. In this case we learn how history trumped creativity.


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Church Name Change Series: Story #1 - Cross Church

Church Name Change Series: Story #1 - Cross Church

When your geographical scope of ministry grows beyond your name

The first reason to change your name is when the scope of a church's ministry grows beyond a name that is geographically limited. This has occurred for many churches venturing into a multisite strategy. For example, as First Baptist Church of Springdale prepares to launch its third campus, they recently navigated a name change to become Cross Church.


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Would you like to fall in love with ministry again?

I want you and your ministry to experience the benefits of stunning, God-given clarity. As a pastor turned vision coach, I’ve worked with an unprecedented variety of churches from growing mega-churches and missional communities, to mainline revitalization and church plants. I started several interconnected organizations that help the church embody the movement that Jesus founded. My visionary planning tools, the Vision Frame and the Horizon Storyline, are used by thousands of churches every year through my calling to raise up other consultants and trainers. In 2004 I started Auxano, which I sold to LifeWay. In 2014, I founded Younique to deliver gospel-centered life design through the church. It is now the world's only comprehensive, open source, life planning system. In 2019, I founded Denominee to help networks and denominations reinvent how they bring value to the church. I've written seven books, including Future Church, Younique, Clarity Spiral, God Dreams, Innovating Discipleship, and Church Unique. I enjoy speaking about how to live a life of more meaningful progress. I live in Houston with my wife, Romy, and I have four children.

I currently work with a small group of churches and leaders. If you are interested in life planning or executive coaching individually or taking your church through a Vision Framing engagement based on Future Church, just reach out to set up a conversation.

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