#1 Schedule a special gathering for all leaders to inspire them with one goal for the next year.

#2 Meet with a pastor whose church is 40% larger than yours and interview them.

#3 Read Great by Choice (Jim Collins), or The Advantage (Patrick Lencioni) with two other leaders.

#4 Stop a ministry that everyone knows should have been shut down for a very long time.

#5 Scan Eric Geiger's blog, co-author of Simple Church,or TonyMorganLive.com for 30 minutes.

#6 E-mail Bryan Rose, Mike Gammill or Tony Bowick for a FREE one hour vision coaching call.

#7 Communicate 50% less in your worship guide for one month to communicate only whats most important.

#8 Challenge your leaders (deacons, elders, council) to draw a picture of how your church accomplishes its mission.

#9 Spend a half day in prayerful reflection on your church's  history (1/2 time)  and future (1/2 time) in total silence

#10 Download this FREE chapter on Church Strategy from Church Unique.