This is the second drill down of the Top 11 Clarity Takeaways from the NINES.  If you have not heard of Leadership Network's conference called The NINES check it out. 

In the following video, Neil Cole discusses the kind of clarity that must be forged to reach exponentially more people .

Problem: Your vision isn’t maximized if language is not simplified. The 3 clarity questions are below.

Here are my highlights:

  • For your vision to reach the ends of the earth, strategies, tools, and resources must pass three criteria.
  • #1 - Can it be received personally and make a difference in my life? 
  • #2 - Can it be repeated easily?
  • #3 - Can it be reproduced strategically?
  • Reproducibility requires clarifying and simplifying to the most elemental and powerful form
  • Does your vision today, reach the ends of the earth?