As I put the polishing touches on some of the Church Unique Vision Kit stuff, I am a reviewing 4 reasons why simple design equals vibrant growth. I think of these reasons as a two-sided coin. One side is the benefit to the individual, the other is the benefit to the organization, and in particular the staff and leaders who guide it. Each statement shows the benefits to me and us respectively.

A simple ministry design or "strategy" at your church means:

#1 Fewer choices for me, and simpler structure for us. Why do we think that people want more options today? They want the best, right options and don't have time to waste. Why do we allow our ministry nuts and bolts, including communication to be so cluttered? 

#2 A clearer pathway for me and real synergy for us. Wouldn't you like more people engaged in your church? You think you have communicated the "how" to them, but the fact it is, it is still more fuzzy for them than you realize. What would happen if the staff had a really clear game plan that redefined how they can work together?

#3 Better quality for me and focused energy for us. Would you like to immediately and dramatically increase the quality of your best ministry environments? How would people respond if you did?

#4 More life for me and less activity for us. Are your best people at your church just flat at tired? Are you? Why do we insist at having more stuff, when Jesus really isn't calling us to run programs? Is it possible that less ministry activity really could mean more abundant life and more healthy followers of Christ? 

If these ideas peak your interest, let me know by leaving a short comment and I will post more on this section or e-mail this portion from Church Unique to you. Thanks!