This post is an example of new material I have written as Auxano, in partnership with Group Publishing, rolls-out the Church Unique Vision Kit next month. Be looking for an announcement of the launch or let's plan to get together at the Exponential Conference or the White Board Sessions where you can check it out first hand.

While many people understand the term "goal" I regularly use the word "milestone" in the Vision Pathway experiences that I guide.  It is also the language of the kit. I like milestone because "vision proper" really has two parts: quantitative and qualitative vision. I refer to the quantitative vision as a missional milestone—something measurable and crystal clear that you definitely reach or not. I refer to qualitative vision as a missional mountaintop, a beautiful breathtaking description of where we are headed.

When it comes to selecting the single, best church-wide goal or milestone, I ask these questions after brainstorming many possibilities with the leadership team:

  1. Which one of these milestones gets me personally excited the most?

  2. Which one of these milestones sparked an immediate positive response from the leadership team ?

  3. Which milestone could create the most energy for most of the people in our church?

  4. Does the milestone give us an inspiring step of faith and risk-taking posture without sounding totally absurd?

  5. What milestone will keep us engaged even after the first 3 to 6 months?

  6. Which milestone can we seeing translating creatively into all of our ministry departments?

  7. What milestone would provide our congregation with a deep abiding sense of accomplishment, and really get us excited to engage another milestone?