If you have not seen the 30-minute Kony 2012 video yet from Invisible Children, I encourage you to do so. It's one of the best vision videos you will ever see.

My teenage kids saw it first, as the viral video reached their high school friends in a hurricane-force social media blitz. While in the airport for spring break, Romina and I viewed the story on my iPhone, while my kids watched a second time. Although I know of Invisible Children, I have now been infected with an amazingly clear and compelling one-year milestone. And I am only one of  seventy million others who watched this media in its debut week on Youtube alone.

My analysis will come in two parts. First I want to make some general observations for church leaders. Second, in a post tomorrow, I will share my observations on the Six Elements of Vision I use with ministry leaders everywhere I go. I strongly encourage you to use the Vision Casting Spider Diagram as a team and watch the video. Take careful note on how each of the Six Elements are utilized in Kony 2012. Again, I will share my observations on this tomorrow. If you have not seen this stuff from my book Church Unique, you can download it here: Articulating Vision Proper - 6 Elements of Compelling Vision


1) There are no overnight success stories. The amazing response to this story is connected to a consistent ten year journey of compassion and action.

2) Your influence is directly related to your ability to tell your story.

3) Social media removes walls blocking the communication of and emotional connection to your vision like never before.

4) The ability to clarify a simple, easy and obvious action step is a hallmark of a great vision casting experience.

5) Vision was meant to be communicated visually. Not only the use of video, but the integration of great design and the creative use of symbol keeps the vision alive in the minds eye and makes the big idea more sharable.

As you digest this vision casting experience, ponder the question:

What are you committed to doing in the next year and what would your 30 minute video look like?