Happy New Year friends and church leaders! Thank you for following along with this blog over the years. As you know by now I started a new chapter of ministry by launching the Future Church Co. (FCCO) in 2020. I have a lot to share about that journey but for now, I want to share a new resource we are delivering from FCCO.

Starting something new, like a BIG new year is exciting. This is not just a new year but a new decade in many ways! (After all we need a reset on that decade start from 2020!) What are you aiming to do in 2021? Who do you want to become in 2021?

With any new endeavor there will always be challenges and obstacles. That’s why we’ve created a powerful FREE resource for you to maximize the start of the New Year. It’s called:

90-Day Goal Together: Daily Fuel to Crush Your Next Personal Goal

If you have experienced our Younique training you know how important the 90-day goal is. In fact I believe it is the most powerful practice to become and do more with your life. If you have not completed any Younique training, don’t worry, you can still jump right in!

90-Day Goal Together is a Future Church Co. resource that you can access at no cost by following the Future Church Co. Youtube channel, which includes the Younique 90-Day Goal Together playlist. And best of all, by simply subscribing you will get a daily short video from Kelly Kannwischer, our CEO, to provide tips, coaching, motivation and tools—the FUEL you need to achieve your next personal goal. (I’ve already signed up myself!)

In addition, I want to give you a FREE chapter from the Younique book on the power of using a 90-Day window of time as a “season of success.”

A new decade is here. 2020 is behind us. God has prepared you for 2021; for such a time as this. Set your sights high and become who you were created to be for God’s glory.

Let’s Go!


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