It was an exciting day for Austin Stone, a church led by Matt Carter which has experienced a surge of awareness due to their growth and unique vision over the past few years. Today they moved into a new community center designed by Visioneering Studios, led by Mel McGowan. Here are some pics of the new facility.

In highlighting Austin Stone, I want to focus on their well articulated Vision Frame, and in particular, an excellent example of what I call the "Missional Milestone" of Vision Proper- the question in the middle of the frame which asks, "Where is God taking us?"  The milestone, called the 100 People Project, is at the bottom of the post with a video, but I wanted you to see their Vision Frame first. Note that the building is NOT their milestone. Here is their framework:


To be a New Testament church existing for the supremacy of the name and purpose of Jesus Christ.


  • Authentic & Intimate Relationship with God

  • Submission to the God of the Bible

  • Maturity through Discipleship

  • Authentic & Intimate Relationships with each other

  • The Supremacy of Christ

Strategy:  To build up New Testament people who...

Vision Proper (Mountiantop - Infinite Horizon):

To build a great city, renewed and redeemed by a gospel movement, by being a church for the city of Austin that labors to advance the gospel throughout the nations.

Vision Proper (Milestones - 2 Year Horizon):

100 people to start the process to be sent out in 2010 for 2 year terms to unreached peoples.  They created a link for this milestone.