I had lunch today with Jeff Meyer, lead pastor of "the Church" and lead navigator with Auxano. I asked him to share his Vision Frame to illustrate the power of clarity for everyday pastors.

Jeff is a very intentional leader and is gifted at coaching and consulting churches through their own clarity journey that we call the Vision Pathway. In addition, he is one of the few innovative practitioners with the LCMS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) in charting a new course, not just of multi-site, but of serious missional engagement. For example I love Jeff's switch from "Every member a minister" commodity language to "Every member a missionary." You might enjoy connecting with Jeff at jeffm@auxano.com or follow him on twitter: pjfire. In addition, he is speaking this week with Alan Hirsch and others at the FiveTwo conference in Houston.

One thing to remember as Jeff shares his four mission measures of "life-marks," is that each one is broken down into four developmental areas, creating a dashboard with 16 spiritual growth areas.