What kind of disciple is your church designed to produce?

At Vince Antonucci's church plant in Las Vegas, called VERVE,  they not only have a clear and compelling answer to this question, but to all five of the irreducible questions of clarity that make of the Vision Frame. This is Church Unique at its best. As Vince builds community-focused church to reach lost people on the Vegas Strip, he constantly casts vision to the kind of people they are trying to become. It's what I call a "mission measure" or "missional life-marks." Verve's stunning articulation this is that they are becoming:

  • God Stalkers

  • Grace Wholesalers

  • and Guerilla Lovers

Check out the way Vince articulates others aspects of the Vision Frame with a similar three-fold simplicity (core vision, core practices and core process) Go to "about VERVE" and then "core."

About a year ago, my son Jacob I and spent a day with Vince and his core team. His first book (I Became a Christian and All I Got was this Lousy T-shirt) greatly enriched my son's evangelistic fervor.  That's why I am so excited that Vince has launched a new book with some very cool FREE stuff for churches to integrate in their services. The title of the book, is of course from his life-marks- Guerilla Lovers.  Check out the great resource site. 
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