I have enjoyed some moments getting to know Ben Arment. He is authentic as a Christ follower and a strategic, dream-oriented leader. One of his posts this week struck me immediately as one of the best posts I have read in 2010.

What follows is the intro to the post, The Advantage of Princes. I encourage you to read the entire article and consider the reflection points below.

You may have thought you were dreaming big, but you're only dreaming as big as your experience will let you. The past has conditioned you for the size of your idea. Everything you’ve experienced in life has amounted to the scope and the scale of your dream.

If you’re intimidated, scared or frightened, it’s because you’ve never done anything like this before.

You haven’t been exposed to it.

Let me be frank with you. There are people out there doing exactly what you want to do who are not challenged by it at all. They’re not intimidated or overwhelmed, stressed out or worried. Your dream comes naturally to them because their background is vaster than yours. Or perhaps they have more exposure than you.

This is the advantage of princes.

They grew up in the castle. They understood how the kingdom was run. Leading an empire is no big deal to them because they grew up watching it being done. It has nothing to do with their capabilities. It has everything to do with their conditioning... read more

Questions for consideration:

  • Have you considered how your life and dreams will affect your kids' perspective and opportunities?

  • Do you agree that "The past has conditioned the size of your ideas and dreams?"

  • Where are you on the pursuit of your own dreams?

  • Are tired of what you are doing for a living right now?

  • Are you excited about and already pursuing new directions?

  • How does Ben's model of carnivorous learning about film making inspire you?

  • What new knowledge do you need to pursue your life dream?

  • Who do you know or where could you go, that could help you dream?

  • What's keeping you from taking a first step?

  • Have you talked to your children about their dreams for life recently?

  • What could you read together to stoke their imaginations?

  • What trip could you take to expand your children's view of what they can accomplish?