David Saathoff of City Church San Antonio

How would you like to get 24 hours of vision, strategy and missional leadership coaching from one of the most effective lead pastors in the country? David Saathoff, lead pastor of City Church in San Antonio, will be leading a Vision co::Lab in Houston, TX from September - February, located conveniently near Hobby Airport at my home church- Clear Creek Community Church

I am particularly excited about this opportunity to learn from David. 

Personally, I have never seen a more effective staff or church culture when it comes to embodying the value of reaching people far from God. 

Some amazing things that God is doing at City Church:

  • Reaching 7,000 in worship on less than 6 acres

  • 9 services in 3 locations

  • 50% Hispanic, 35% Anglo, 15% African American

  • Radical permission giving "be the church" vibe

  • Attract all lifestyles: bikers to bankers, gays and lesbians & addicts

  • They openly share lots of experiments & mistakes

City church is unbelievably ordinary but experiences extraordinary results. In the end, David humbly shares: "We’ve figured out that missional activity actually works by living it out daily." Not many megachurch leaders can say that.

And that's why I am thrilled to have David lead a co::Lab in Houston. Our co::Labs are co:ntinuous and co:laborative communities where 8 churches come together (4 people per church) to walk the Vision Pathway. We meet six times, one time per month, for four hours of training on topics like:

  • Reading the culture of your community

  • Assessing your congregation's strengths

  • Rallying people to a common cause

  • Shaping a church's internal culture

  • Leading a vision process

  • Mentoring staff

  • Releasing the church for community impact

  • Radically simplifying the mechanics of church

Of course you will get the standard deliverables and toolkit that come with every Church Unique Vision co::Lab. And I will be joining David for several sessions.

To learn more about this incredible coaching opportunity, e-mail Cheryl to get the dates, cost and further details.
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