Leadia was just announced by Leadership Network and it will rollout to the world tomorrow at the online conference, The NINES.  What exactly is Leadia? In short it's "leadership + media-" It's a short digital book, combined with embedded video, audio and social media. Check out the intro video:

I have been working with the LN team on it for the past couple of months as a contributor of one of the first four Leadia Experiences. Here is my take on why you are going to love this innovative app.

#1  It's a totally new genre that's more fun and more effective than other ways of learning

#2  The experiences are less than 10,000 words so you can interact with them in one sitting

#3  The learning is customized and expandable allowing you to go deeper if you want

#4  New and diverse content will come from a broader range of authors

#5  The content costs less than a book and lots of ebooks

#6  It's downright fun because use you can be surprised as you go through the experience

#7  It's great for individual or team use.

I will be sharing about my contribution (FLUX: Four Paths to the Future) once Apple approves it for publication within the Leadia app.
Topics: Date: Sep 26, 2011 Tags: #leadiatalk / church innovation / church leadership / FLUX / Leadership Network / leadia