How many dumb mission statements do you hear like: Our challenge is to assertively network economically sound methods of empowerment so that we may continually negotiate performance-based infrastructures.

If you have been around church at all, you know that we are good at specializing in these "corporate hallmark cards" and "Air Supply-like rhythms."

Yesterday, I spoke to church consultants from across the country at a summit in New Orleans with the Society of Church Consulting.

I challenged them to consider a new approach to vision and strategic planning as outlined in Church Unique. Many resonated with my challenge. Ironically, while I was speaking, this article was sent before I got my hard copy of Fast Company. It is simply one of the best articles on writing a mission statement I have ever read.

The article entitled, How to Write a Mission Statement that Isn't Dumb is featured in Fast Company by Nancy Lublin, CEO of
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