There is actually a biblical reference for this superman speak. In Psalm 18:29, David writes, "For by You I can run upon a troop; And by my God I can leap over a wall."

Every leader hits walls and runs into obstacles. If you are leading well, the most important question is not when, but what. What barrier are you facing now, or what roadblock is just around the corner?

For a decade, I have studied the walls that church leaders encounter.  Without question, the need to find the right staff is one of them.  That's why I am delighted to announce the beginning of a new ministry, started by my friend and colleague William Vanderbloemen.  The Vanderbloemen Search Group (VSG) specializes in creating connections between the right people and the right ministries.

I don't often refer other organizations or programs out of concern for diluting or eclipsing the importance of clarity on behalf of the ministries I serve. But William and his team are one of the exceptions. I met William in years ago, when he brought in Auxano to navigate the Vision Pathway for the church he was serving. I have watched William lead in many contexts. Here are a few things I know:

  • If he is in the room, he is most likely the smartest person in the room, but you won't know it right away

  • The team at VSG is a culture-savvy machine; they are gifted at discernment and will appreciate your ministry's unique vision

  • These guys know a ton of people, period

  • I have watched the process work up-close for several of my friends and ministry clients

If your next staff hire is important to your mission, consider giving William a call.  Creating the  right connection can make a world of difference, and might catapult you over the next wall. 

If you like the new Vanderbloemen Search Group logo, check out the story behind it at Cheryl Marting's blog. Cheryl leads Auxano Creative.