One of the most common questions I have been asked is, “What is the best way forany church to understand how its vision can penetrate and influence the culture

of the church?  In Church Unique I presented the Integration Model that introduces a tool that will help you accomplish just that.  This is not a systems theory model, rather a conversation starting point intended to develop a lifestyle of visionary leadership. It is built by looking at the church through five


  • Developing Leadership - How will you use your vision to recruit leaders, develop leaders, structure people, and divide your attention among the right leaders? 

  • Intentional Communication - Are you giving your people the language to share your vision through thoughtful intentionality in the complex discipline of communications? 

  • Duplicatable Process - What processes are in place that takes your vision beyond what you can do and deposits the vision into the reproducible habits of the entire body? 

  • Compelling Environments - How do the environments at your church avoid being an end in themselves, and instead create a means to achieve your vision? 

  • Conscious Culture - How living the vision and speaking into the church's culture are powerful tools for building contagious passion in your church's culture?

To help you live out your vision, Auxano Insights will go deeper into each of these perspectives over the next 5 months. Subscribe to follow the conversation.  

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