I want to share some thoughts as I focus more and more time on training other consultants, coaches and pastors on how to facilitate visioning. This year will represent a significant shift from my primary role of leading vision processes to reproducing vision processes.  While I have been apprenticing others from day one, the current shift will have me focusing more on apprenticing full-time navigators, training pastors, and making tools (including but not limited to new books). Read this related post on why I write.

As I share these thoughts, I want to encourage you toward reproducing your own vision. Consider these questions:

  • How will your vision spread today without you being directly involved?

  • How much time do you allocate to working on vs. working in the ministry?

  • Who are you apprenticing right now?

  • As you have experienced God's blessing in ministry how have you become a bottleneck?

  • Now that you have delegated what you don't do well, how have you multiplied what only you can do well?

  • If you were hit by a Mack Truck today, would the legacy factor of your life take your current vision much farther? 

In the series on the Art of Not Being There, I will share more with you on:

  • How I am reproducing Church Unique's Vision Pathway in a Church Unique Experience "kit" in cooperation with Group Publishing. The kit will be designed for church teams to do a vision process on their own through workbook, videos, and lots of tools that go along with the Church Unique process.

  • Introducing the people I work with and how I am building the team at Auxano

  • Our own strategy for scaling and expansion without diluting our culture and vision

  • Special days on my blog dedicated to the craft of facilitation and great white-board learnings

I look forward to your interaction on the art of not being there.