Right now I am listening to Leadership Network's (LN) The NINES conference. One of the most common leadership axiom's through the conference is the important of "Why" before "How," especially on the topic of "How to Gracefully Kill a Church Program."

Four years ago, I worked with LN leaders to articulate their Vision Frame. One side of the frame is the organization's deepest "Whys" or values. Here is where they landed. One of the first new initiatives that grew out of this work was The NINES.

  1. What’s next? - We explore what could be.
  2. Aha! - We create environments for collaborative discovery.
  3. Positive deviants* We work with the exceptional.
  4. Generous relationships. We invest in the success of others.
  5. Results, results, results… We pursue BIG impact.
  6. JESUS We strive to model Jesus in everything we do.

What are the top 4-6 guiding values for you?

Topics: Date: Oct 26, 2012 Tags: Leadership Network / missional motives / The NINES / Values / Vision Frame