90 days ago,I issued a challenge to create a list of 100 life dreams. I wanted to inspire with my own dream of co-locating in Colorado for a season (I have lived in Houston for over 20 years) in order to snowboard for 50 days during the year I turn age 50.

If you have not crossed the finish line on creating the "redeemed bucket-list" that meshes your personal passions and life dreams with the glory of God and living for the good news of Jesus Christ, nothing is stopping your from doing it now. In fact, I really like this PDF form tool that gives the satisfaction of typing and reflecting and typing and dreaming... and then typing some more until you complete your own list.

Download the tool and re-type the list you may have journaled or use this tool to finish your list:

>>> 100 Life Dreams List <<<

Here's how it works:

1) When I trained on the 20 Boxes of Possibility, I showed you how to make four storylines. This Life Dreams list is made up of four columns of 25 life dream ideas. Use those storylines to guide your list making. Type in the name of your storyline at the top.

2) Open the PDF and start typing away. Fill in everything from your 10-10 list and your first 25 ideas.

3) Keep the list either printed or digitally on your desktop until you complete your list.

4) Look for more ideas on this blog to incentivize your list making. I'll be sharing more from my time in Aspen about the #LifeDesignWIthMe experiment!

5) Share the results with others. I would love to see your list as well.

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