This is the first drill down of the Top 11 Clarity Takeaways from the NINES.  If you have not heard of Leadership Network's conference called The NINES check it out. 

In the following video and attached notes page, Jorge Acevedo discusses how clarity forms great teams. He champions the idea that you must have a written playbook to maximize your effectiveness as a leader.  Below are my highlights, a link with additional notes and the video.


Problem: Gifted leaders hit a low ceiling if they don’t build teams.

  • The game changer was moving from a heroic solo leader to a team generative leader

  • Vision, values and strategy were not shared.

  • If the vision isn’t shared it dies with the leader

  • You must create a playbook; getting your DNA is on paper has created a more permission given environment.



Topics: Date: Sep 23, 2010 Tags: #thenines / Church Playbook / Leadership Network / Mission / Values / Vision