I was reviewing my notes from time with Terry Storch and Bobby Greenwald at Catalyst. These guys are the innovators behind the bible app- YouVersion and the overall tech studs of LifeChurch.tv

So why should innovation be on our radar? Look at this chart that Bobby shared with his lab gathering. It shows the population of the world in the last 2,000 years. The spike of the last century shows exponential growth up to 7 billion people. We have added more billions in the last hundred years than in the last 1,900 years combined.

Here are the questions this graph sparked:

  • What God is doing and thinking as his little blue marble populates at record rates?

  • How can God love all of these people? (Wow, the infinite and marvelous goodness!!!)

  • How is the church going to reach all of these people?

  • How many churches are aware of the unprecedented opportunity?

  • How many churches are technologically savvy enough to see the world as their mission field without getting on an airplane?

  • How can a church NOT be focused on multiplication rather than addition with this kind of opportunity?

  • What will the next level of innovation look like to reach these people?

  • How will mobile device internet access completely change how we evangelize, disciple and develop leaders?

  • Who is dreaming big out there these days?

  • Who can help the church imagine and vision even bigger?

What questions does this startling graph spark for you?

By the way,  Congrats to Bobby who received the honor of being one of FastCompany's 100 Most Creative People in Business in 2011. Read more.
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