This blog is dedicated to greater life that comes from clarity, both individually and organizationally.

On Thursday this past week, I participated in an online conference called The NINES, during which 100 leaders shared game-changing moments in 6-minute testimonies. In a way, any game-changing moment brings clarity at some level. But in my opinion, eleven of the one hundred leaders brought an immediately clear and transferable lesson. Here they are, in some ways restated around the idea of clarity itself:

#1 Clarity Forms Great Teams: Jorge Acevedo spoke on how gifted leaders hit a low ceiling if they don’t build teams around shared vision, values and strategy. 

#2 Clarity Reaches Exponentially More People: Neil Cole unpacked how vision isn’t maximized if language is not simplified.

#3 Clarity Rescues Your Soul: Wayne Cordeiro taught that people create your agenda unless you have one from God.

 #4 Clarity Releases Personal Calling: Jonathon Falwell warns that you will never fulfill you vision if you are copying someone else.

 #5 Clarity Creates Movement: Dave Ferguson said that people don’t get enough permission to engage the mission of the church.

 #6 Clarity Defines Your Unique Contribution:  Steven Furtick nailed it when he said it’s hard to find your uniqueness in a culture of carbon copy.

 #7 Clarity Shapes Structure: Brandon Hatmaker highlighted that organizational structure can force direction different than the mission.

#8  Clarity Sustains Focus: Noel Heikkinen shared how success causes us to try to do too much.

 #9 Clarity Makes Every Moment Meaningful: Jud Wilhite reminds us that it’s easy to loose the joy in the everyday work of ministry.

 #10 Clarity Comes from Better Questions: Michael Hyatt connected bad results in life to the problem of asking bad questions.

#11 Clarity Helps People Embrace Change:  Carey Nieuwhof explained how failing to clarify the why behind what we do, creates more resistance to change.

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