Tyranny is a good word to capture the dominance that myths can have over our mind.  It's so easy in ministry to do the wrong things for the right reasons.  Imagine that- totally pure motives, great kingdom intentions and white-hot love for Jesus- all misdirected due to a stupid little myth.

Every week, I watch churches try to do too much. The six reasons are really six common myths. I have divided them into three strategic myths and three pastoral myths:

STRATEGIC MYTHS: Saying Yes to the Wrong Things with Good Intentions

  • MYTH #1  Since Larger Churches Do More, We Should Do More to Grow Larger

  • MYTH #2  More Options Will Attract More People

  • MYTH #3  Designated Funds Alone Justify Something New

PASTORAL MYTHS: Failing to Say No to the Wrong Things with Good Intentions

  • MYTH #4  Starting New Ministries Honors the Passion and Gifts of my People

  • MYTH #5  More Programs Will Meet More Needs

  • MYTH #6  A Good Leader Involves More People in Decision-making 

In 2011, I will be releasing the writing I have been doing since Church Unique came out, almost three years ago. These myths are a part of a Tyranny of More ebook that will be released for free for a limited time only. If you would like to receive the ebook, please post a comment and I will put you on the list.