I'm giving away free Vision Decks!

As I was doing some organizing in my office between Christmas and New Year's, I found a box of Vision Decks. This is a tool I helped to create years ago, but it's still 100% relevant and powerful today.

Each Vision Deck contains dozens of cards that are designed to prompt conversations among your team(s) about vision clarity. One of the best ways to use the Vision Deck is to use a card at the beginning of a staff or team meeting to refocus the team around important ideas about clarity and get them engaged in the conversation before you hit the other agenda items for your meeting.

I'm telling you—this is an easy-to-use and powerful tool for reinforcing clarity about who you are as an organization and solidifying your culture around what's most important.

If you'd like to claim one of these Vision Decks, I'm asking you to do one thing. If there's a tool or book or resource I've created over the past 20 years that has meant something to you or helped you in your ministry, post about it on social media and use the hashtag #VisionDeckGiveaway.

I'll be checking that hashtag over the next few weeks and I'll send a free Vision Deck to everyone who gives me a shout out on social media and tags it with #VisionDeckGiveaway (until I run out of the Vision Decks I found in my office!). Even better, you can include my social media handle in your post as well. That will really make sure I see it!

Instagram: @will_be_clear
Facebook: @claritywill
Twitter: @willmancini

Thanks in advance for the social media love! And once I see your post, I'll send you a direct message on the platform where you use the hashtag and get your address so I can send you your free Vision Deck.

Topics: Date: Feb 4, 2021 Tags: Vision Deck / Vision / Culture