With a 17 and 14 year-old in the house, we hear the word "epic" quite a bit.  Every positive happening is an epic win. Every mistake is an epic fail. Right now there's a grandma's houseful of little cousins mimicking the teen-speak as they scatter around with shiny new toys. Despite it's generational overuse, it's really a great word for Christmas.

An epic is a long narrative poem telling of a hero's deeds. It's larger-than-life, and surpasses the ordinary. It's impressively great and majestic. That's what our Savior's birth is all about, from the tender incarnation of a suffering servant to the blazing glory of a soon-to-return King.

From our house to yours, may the delight of this Christmas bring you wonder and delight that surpasses the ordinary.

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Topics: Date: Dec 26, 2010 Tags: christmas / epic meanig / family