I just got home from the first Whiteboard Session mini-conference. Each speaker was given 30 minutes to present one compelling idea. The line of speakers was great including Mark Batterson, Ed Stetzer, Perry Noble, Mark Dever, John Burke, Darrin Patrick, and Tim Stevens. I am a fan of every one of these guys and appreciated the movement toward soul stuff (for example topics like idolatry and abiding in Christ.) But as these accomplished leaders delivered their content, I was struck by how difficult it was for them to focus on one point, which was the big idea of the entire event. The event was an excellent reminder of how difficult focus really is. Focus is an art and skill that requires rigorous discipline and time. It is only then that you know what to cut out. Michelangelo was once asked about how he carved such brilliant statues of angels. He remarked that he didn’t carve statue, he just removed the excess stone so that the angel inside could come out. May the Spirit help us remove the excess as we communicate and as we lead. May we finish talking before others are finished listening!

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