When I spoke at the Vault Conference this year, one of the pastors gave me a ride to the airport. When he popped the trunk, I saw his co::Lab notebook from over one year ago, and a strategy white-pad drawing.

First, it filled my heart with joy. Why?

  • How many times has a church team, really articulated their strategy on a piece of paper together?

  • This staff person was a new XP, so he was studying the history of how the church was thinking.

  • He could carry the picture of the strategy with him into any church meeting

  • Strategy is often talked about but rarely defined.

At the same time it scared me a little. Why?

  • Some leaders love drawing strategy but don't take the time to implement it well.

  • I wasn't sure how many times the strategy had been referenced in church staff life.

  • Eventually the strategy should be carried around in our minds not just on paper.

Two lessons remain:


Get a strategy in your trunk.

Take the time to draw and map out your strategy. Could you draw a picture of how your church accomplishes it's mission?


Get the strategy out of your trunk.

We all have great ideas that never executed. What have you envisioned that needs to be acted upon? What napkin sketch needs to be put back on the table this week with the leadership team? Be more strategic this week, by acting not just drawing.
Topics: Date: Nov 10, 2012 Tags: church strategy / church vision / vault conference