The 2020 Pastor: My Top 15 Clarity Lessons For 2020 Church Leadership

20 Years of Consulting Boiled Down to a 20-minute Read

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The Younique Book is Here!

The First Guide to Gospel-centered Life Design

Having launched the Life Younique training process in 2014, I am excited to bring you the trade book after taking 1000s of people through the Younique Journey. It is the ultimate guide to finding and fulfilling your special calling– that is, your very own special assignment from God.

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LIFE GOALS 101: 10 Life Hacks for Creating a Life Plan

An Overview of Essential Life Design Skill #5

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Why You Need to Name Your LifeCall Statement

A Break-thru Tool of the Younique Personal Vision Journey

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Making or Faking Disciples?

A manifesto for REAL Church Growth

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Create Better Tools Not Better Sermons

What if disciples need more that what you have planned in your next creative series?

After walking out of a crowded breakout session at the Exponential Conference last week, a guy handed me a folded-up note.

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