Be my Guest in Clear Lake, Texas for a Trajectory-Changing Experience!

After creating Younique over 10 years ago, I enjoy offering about a dozen LifePlans every year with with church leaders and their spouses. In 2022, I created a LifePlan studio on Clear Lake so that ministry couples could come (up to three at a time) and enjoy Houston's best waterside destination.

Younique has become the most comprehensive, gospel-centered life design system on the planet.

We will do deep work on your story to interpret what God has been preparing you do for your entire life. I call it finding your "MUST DO" in light of the countless "CAN DOs" that overwhelm life. We will explore how your set-backs are really set-ups for his call on your life. We will then mine out your Sweet Spot- naming what you and only you are uniquely capable of accomplishing, by analyzing your passion, abilities and ideal content. By the end of the journey we will create your personal Vision Frame and a Future Plan for the next 3 years. One of my favorite parts is working on a redeemed bucket list, that I call a Life Dreams list. I will give you the tools to write down 100 things God has already placed in your heart. You just haven't written them all down yet.

Of course all of this content is accessible in the book Younique or at

After gaining the break-thru perspective and value that a LifePlan will bring, Younique's system enables ministry leaders to use the tools that have helped them back at the churches they lead- integrating special calling into their disciple-making strategy. This is the single most important component of all of my current Future Church Vision Framing work with church teams. The church of the future will be focused on helping release people to fulfill their special assignment from God every day.

The LifePlan work is a guiding experience that covers two full days. I think of it as a 48-hour retreat. But at this studio you can add on 1-2 days and enjoy Kemah Boardwalk, Galveston Beach, NASA and the Johnson Space Center which are all conveniently located nearby. In addition I'll have lunch on the lake by boat or take kiteboarding lessons at one of place places to learn in the county. The bottom line: let's make this a special of a getaway as possible.

Because the offering is limited in number to work with me directly, please send an email so that we can set up a call. Or text me directly at 281-636-6900. We can talk further about the investment, benefits and stories of others who have gone through the journey!