LOGO #6: Faithbride started with a passion to make more and stronger disciples of Jesus by being a bridge of faith to people everyday. The symbol for the logo is a distinct bridge made with the three crosses at Calvary. The stylization is clean, casual and natural that goes along with the brand promise of authentic-excitement. The tagline of Faithbridge is  Real people, Real life.

LOGO #7: First Presbyterian wanted to a strong mark that would express an ancient, yet future feel.  It needed to convey relevance to people living in the heart in the cultural center of one America’s largest cities. The equilateral cross echoes church history while the“ swooshes” bring a progressive feel. Together they bring together the idea of engaging minds and guiding hearts into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ, the double thrust of the mission. 

LOGO #8: This missional church plant was named to reflect the core passion- “to guide people to grow as joyful servants of Jesus.”  This logo presents the idea in direct, creative and even artistic way. The brand mark is energetic, with the pages, representing people, rise out the bible as they joyfully live their lives as servants of Jesus. The organic and natural colors, as well as the script font were selected to communicate the authentic personality of the culture. Once you see it you won’t forget it  - and the uniqueness reinforces their tagline, Life is different!  

LOGO #9: This logo for Sugar Creek combines two features in the design of the cross. The first is a subtle stylization of four people coming together to make the cross itself. The second is a distinct shape created with the letter “S” and “C.” The mark reflects the mission of loving and leading all people to life change in Christ. 

LOGO #10: In keeping with the "maverick spirit" of the west, Harvest wanted a logo that wasn't predictable that would reflect a culture that is casual, friendly and approachable. A distinctive, hand-lettered wordmark visually communicates this identity with a casual sophistication that captures the rugged feel of Montana's beautiful landscape.The fluid and organic nature of the word "harvest" connotes the idea of really living with and for Jesus as expressed in the church's mission,  "Living life as though Jesus was living through you." Their tagline is, Live the Life.

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