In my forth coming eBook entitled Vision Frame: The Ultimate Guide to Vision for Organized Disciple-making, I share how important it is to develop a clear, concise and compelling big idea of why your local church exists. I call this a mission statement or your church's missional mandate.

The problem is that there are a lot of bad mission statements out there.

They tend to stay generic and fail to combat the functional mission of "more butts in seats at the next worship service." I have a lot fo content on helping you connect the minds and hearts of your people to the true mission Jesus gave the church and to do it well in your time and place. But for now, I want to show how 10 churches in the same city, most of which are within a 20 minute drive time of each other, express a unique disciple-making mission and model starting with a one of a kind omission statement:

  1. Northwest Bible Church: Inviting people into the unexpected joy of desperate dependence on Jesus
  2. Concord Church: People growing people by connecting them to their next step with Christ
  3. Trinity Fellowship: Moving together into the remarkable love of Jesus Christ
  4. St. Andrew United Methodist Church: Calling the Christian-ish to become passionate servants of Christ
  5. Park Cities Baptist Church: Rescuing one another from cultural Christianity to live each day with Jesus
  6. First Baptist Dallas: Transforming the world with the power of God’s Word, one life at a time
  7. Preston Meadow Lutheran Church: Connecting people to share in Christ’s mission of grace for God’s world
  8. Christ Fellowship Church: People helping people find and follow Christ
  9. Fellowship Dallas: Calling each other to live out our God-given purpose in Christ everyday
  10. The Cowboy Church of Ellis County: Changing lives by boldly proclaiming the Gospel to the western culture

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