I love to help church leaders experience more meaningful progress in life and ministry. In order to best serve you, I've felt called to start some organizations and partner with others. I don't say "partner" lightly. If an organization is listed on this page it means that I am part of the leadership team and that they are using the master tools of my life's clarity work.  The two that I have started are Auxano and Younique. Read about my story with these organizations on the timeline below.


Younique - It’s your Call

Launched most recently, Younique is the first personal calling and life planning process for the church, through the church to release the church. The process is called the "Personal Vision Journey" and the toolbox is the Younique Life Plan. Church leaders are certified to be Younique Coaches for their leaders, members, attenders and volunteers. The preparation for this launch has taken a decade and I believe it represents the single greatest opportunity of the church in my lifetime.

Release Your People

Slingshot - Next Level People

Several years ago, the search and staffing industry in the church world took off.  Because I had been doing leadership pipeline, team building and organizational design through Auxano, there is much potential for synergy. When the two largest church search firms approached me, I was delighted to partner with Slingshot. They are passionate practitioners who aren't trying to take advantage of the church. Their mission is to build remarkable teams through staffing and coaching. 

Find Your Next Team Member

100 Movements - Shifting the Tracks off History

As a result of my personal friendship with Alan Hirsch, several years of dialogue turned into 100 Movements. He had been a primary voice for over a decade of speaking and writing about the paradigm of "missional" and "movements." It was clear that new process and tools were needed to move from conversation to competence. So we assembled a "design team" that includes Dave Rhodes, Neil Cole, and Jessie Cruickshank. How many competencies do you need to master for real movement? Six. And it all starts with "Identity Declaring" which uses the Vision Frame to declare your "Jesus is Lord" identity.

Gain Movement Competency

LifeWay - Biblical Solutions for Life

I was blown away when Eric Geiger approached me about becoming the director of consulting for LifeWay. LifeWay is the the largest Protestant resource organization in the world and was originally created to provide Sunday school curriculum to 40,000 Southern Baptist churches over one hundred years ago. It's a honor to serve with Eric as he supports and empowers Auxano to serve as many churches as possible. My role with LifeWay has led to two dynamic new services related to your Vision Frame: Vision-based capital campaigns and vision-based leadership pipeline development. 

Grab Some Resources

Auxano - Go Ahead

Auxano: to cause to grow. The big bang of Auxano is God-given burden: Almost every church is using someone else's language to describe their own identity and direction. The years of 2001-2004 represent the height of our "cloning conferences" and the beginning of increased "category complexity" of what it takes to grow a church. "Auxano" is the term Luke used to describe the early expansion of the church in the book of Acts. What do we do? We create break-thru clarity with church teams to realize their vision. That is, we help each local church articulate it's unique disciple-making mission and model. And then we install a visionary plan to get there. Growing your church shouldn't be a mystery.

Grow Your Church