A 3-Part Scorecard for a Life Well Lived


A 3-Part Scorecard for a Life Well Lived

Redefining Success on the Gospel

What is success? And how do you measure it? Some measure success by how happy they feel.Some by how much they have accomplished.Some by how wealthy they are.Some by how many friends they have.Some by how many people know their name. But #1 – Ups and Downs O God, You are my God; I shall seek You earnestly; My soul thirsts for You, my flesh yearns for You, In a dry and weary land where there is no water. . . . When #2 – Your Bucket List David said, “My son Solomon is just an inexperienced young man, and the temple to be built for the LORD must be especially magnificent so it will become famous and be considered splendid by all the #3 – Your Ultimate Contribution David, after he had served God’s purpose in his own generation, died [and] was buried with his ancestors. – Acts 13:36 (NET) “You had one job.” You’ve probably heard this chastisement before, especially when delivered by a comedian [...]

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Innovating Discipleship FREE Book:

How to Engage Church Attenders

During the Coronavirus Outbreak


Innovating Discipleship FREE Book: How to Engage Church Attenders During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Right now the church faces a more acute, immediate challenge than any it has faced in a long time: how to "do church" during the coronavirus pandemic. We are literally doing church on the fly. After the President's announcement yesterday The problem could be stated this way: since church involves getting together, how do we do church when we can't get together? On top of leaders' concerns for the physical health of their people, the crisis raises ominous challenges for the A few additional questions raise our sights to a higher place: If people increased their giving to churches right now, what would that kind of church look like? What is the crisis revealing about the true state of disciple-making in our How do you even begin to approach big questions like these? That's why I wrote Innovating Discipleship 10 years ago. The original context was to help churches innovate after they created their Vision Frame. After years of good implementation how do [...]

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The 2020 Pastor:

My Top 15 Clarity Lessons for Church Vision


The 2020 Pastor: My Top 15 Clarity Lessons for Church Vision

20 Years of Consulting Boiled Down to a 20 Minute Read

I can’t believe my life’s odometer gets to click into the year 2020. It’s the medical standard for good sight that has become a cultural metaphor for clear vision in every dimension of life and leadership. Since I have read By the way, while these lessons apply to both organizational ministry and personal life planning, I wrote them with the pastor in mind for leading the church into 2020 and beyond. In addition to these principles you may want to When I wrote Church Unique in 2007, I learned a new term– phronemophobia which means fear of thinking. Thomas Edison said that “Five percent of the people think; ten percent of the people think they think; and the other eighty-five The same is true with your clarity engine. Without three basics the clarity process doesn’t run. Like the systematic approach to understanding why the car doesn’t start, you can logically answer why the team doesn’t have clarity. Has adequate time To call it “free” may sound funny coming from a guy who makes a living from clarity facilitation. Yes, I do charge for vision consulting. But that’s the exception for the times and places where acceleration of time, questions and For example, consider Church of the Highlands, one of America’s notable rapid growth churches that was started less than 20 years ago. Pastor Chris Hodges takes hundreds of staff through a process every year to determine one goal that will A great example is a client named Kyle, who leads a church in the Mountain West. He invested in a Vision Framing process this year and texted me while I was finishing this post. Kyle exhibited a powerful spirit and [...]

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The Younique 48-Hour Retreat:

Ultimate Clarity at Life’s Crucial Moments


The Younique 48-Hour Retreat: Ultimate Clarity at Life’s Crucial Moments

One-On-One Coaching Can Make All the Difference

One of the opportunities you’ll have as you digest the Younique book is a 48-Hour Retreat. It's the discipline of looking back at your life, one-on-one with a coach and identifying the key stages and transition points before you look forward. We all have moments in our lives that shape us dramatically and set our course for the future. These moments can take all forms and span across all aspects of our lives—work, family, friendships, and more.


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The Younique 4-day Accelerator:

Jumpstart Your Journey with the Younique Book in Hand!


Jumpstart Your Younique Book Journey with the Accelerator 4-Day Experience

Clarity on God's Dream for Your Life is only 4 Days Away

The 4-Day Accelerator is an intensive experience that accelerates breakthrough. The entire journey, all 24 sessions, are covered in this 4-Day group experience. Skilled facilitators and trained table coaches guide your journey as you begin to discover and name your special assignment from God.


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The Younique 90-Day Planner:

The Companion Tool to the Younique Book


The Younique 90-Day Planner: Plans Are Useless but Planning is Invaluable

What is your process of planning?

Dwight Eisenhower, 34th President of the United States and storied general who helped the Allied forces to win World War II, offered this piece of wisdom: “Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.” Of course Eisenhower had plans when leading American troops into battle. But the process of planning is where we explore options and consider the “what ifs” that may lie down the road. This probing and experimenting is crucial to our development as people, leading us to appropriate and wise decisions as future events unfold.


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About Will

Would you like to fall in love with ministry again?

I want you and your ministry to experience the benefits of stunning, God-given clarity. As a pastor turned vision coach, I’ve worked with an unprecedented variety of churches from growing mega-churches and missional communities, to mainline revitalization and church plants. I started several interconnected organizations that help the church embody the movement that Jesus founded. My visionary planning tools, the Vision Frame and the Horizon Storyline, are used by thousands of churches every year through my calling to raise up other consultants and trainers. In 2004 I started Auxano, which I sold to LifeWay. In 2014, I founded Younique to deliver gospel-centered life design through the church. It is now the world's only comprehensive, open source, life planning system. In 2019, I founded Denominee to help networks and denominations reinvent how they bring value to the church. I've written seven books, including Future Church, Younique, Clarity Spiral, God Dreams, Innovating Discipleship, and Church Unique. I enjoy speaking about how to live a life of more meaningful progress. I live in Houston with my wife, Romy, and I have four children.

I currently work with a small group of churches and leaders. If you are interested in life planning or executive coaching individually or taking your church through a Vision Framing engagement based on Future Church, just reach out to set up a conversation.

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