Vision Sunday 2010 from Hillsong Church on Vimeo.

If communicating vision is important to you, then consider listening to this 25-minute vision casting experience with the attached evaluative tool.  What makes this Hillsong vision casting piece uniquely effective?

  • The visual medium is fantastic

  • It’s invitational tone is incredibly engaging

  • The substance of life-change is palpable

  • It’s kingdom driven rather than church driven

  • But, the kingdom values don’t dilute the church's  identity

  • The testimonial "weaves" don’t  fragment the power of one visionary voice

  • It forges bold newness and continuity with the past

Before hitting play, here are two recommendations;

#1 Listen to the entire 25 minutes in one sitting. I was moved the most at 22 minutes.

#2 Listen with the Vision Casting Spider Diagram from Church Unique. You may want to do this as a team exercise.

Team Exercise:

Listen to the video as a team.  Write down the most powerful phrases, metaphors, and stories to you as they corresponds with the six elements of vision on the spider diagram. Discuss them as a team, and how your team can improve their vision casting skills this week.

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