Discover Your Church’s Roadmap to a New Paradigm

Is it possible to reshape the day-to-day ministry of your church to multiply the number of disciples of Jesus you’re releasing into the world? Absolutely. Future Church will show you how.

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About the book

The church in North America is dramatically over-programmed and under-discipled. Most church leaders know this to be true. The problem is—the generally accepted way of doing church, the current paradigm for how to organize church ministries on a weekly basis—is designed to produce exactly these results.

If we want to move beyond simply adding more attenders of programs, we need to shift our paradigm for what it means to be the church today and in the future.

In Future Church, you’ll discover ...
  • The functional Great Commission that governs the activities of most churches in North America … and they aren’t even aware of it.
  • How the two rooms of your church—the lower room and the upper room—were designed to work together rather than compete with each other.
  • The three predominant types of churches in North America today and how to determine which type of church you’re leading … and what that means for your growth potential.
  • The seven laws of real church growth that provide direction for how to reshape the day-to-day activities of your church to move beyond adding attenders and build an intentional system to multiply disciples.
  • The power of Funnel Fusion—the brand-new strategic tool at the heart of Future Church—and how you can design your own custom-built plan to unleash it in your specific contex

What Others Are Saying

Every now and then God chooses to plant someone on our planet with an extra measure of capacity and insight. Without question, Will Mancini is one such person. Future Church is more than a must-read. With the cosmic shifts we have experienced recently, the church must pivot to a new normal to remain relevant. This book provides the roadmap.

Randy Frazee pastor, Westside Family Church, and author of The Connecting Church 2.0

Will Mancini once again demonstrates a characteristic genius in helping churches and denominations to recalibrate around essentials, to recover their distinctive callings, and so to find wholesale renewal. A rare and timely gift.

Alan Hirsch author and activist

Will Mancini is one of the leaders I learn from and a thinker whose insights I trust. Smart leaders will dive into what Will has to say about the future church.

Carey Nieuwhof founding pastor, Connexus Church, and host of The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast

Most church leaders I work with have been wrestling with a gnawing feeling that something needs to shift in our churches. Are we truly making disciples or just entertaining followers? What should we be measuring? How do we know we’re accomplishing our mission? Future Church is an essential read for every church leader who is committed to defining real growth in a new era of ministry leadership.

Jenni Catron leadership coach and founder of The 4Sight Group

Will and Cory have delivered an intelligent, imaginative, biblical journey, inviting followers of Jesus to a fresh disciple-making partnership. Paradigms and procedures that I’ve been suspicious of for a long time are exposed throughout this book. I can now see the future in a new light.

Stan Endicott cofounder and chief culture officer, The Slingshot Group, and coauthor of Improv Leadership: How to Lead Well in Every Moment

If you want to know what the future of the church is going to look like, read this book. Will is not only one of the most future-minded leaders I know, he’s also deeply informed about past and present church practice. His ability to see and systematize the shift that is coming is impeccable. This is going to become required reading for my entire leadership team.

Daniel Im pastor, Beulah Alliance Church, and author of No Silver Bullets: 5 Small Shifts That Will Transform Your Ministry

Future Church is a masterclass in Real Church. Don’t read this for ideas, insights, and initiatives that last a day or a week. Enroll your mind in this book for thoughts and tasks that linger and lead for a lifetime. Every page will challenge, delight, inspire, and deepen your church and raise your game.

Leonard Sweet author, professor, and founder of Preach the Story

Future Church invites twenty-first-century followers of Jesus to reanchor in the ancient charter of a radically missional movement. The book navigates the polarity of church models mired in well-intended handicaps by offering refreshing tertium quid–type clarity on what could be, what must be. As a constructive plea, Future Church’s experience-based frameworks and principles invite leaders to reject the enduring growth limitations of yesterday’s compromised models for breakthroughs today.

Mike Sharrow CEO, The C12 Group
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Join Us For a Live Online Launch Event

On Tuesday, December 8 at 3pm (eastern), we’ll gather online for a free Live Online Launch Event with Will Mancini and Cory Hartman. They’ll highlight their latest learnings as pastors all over the country have begun shifting their paradigms using the Future Church approach.

They’ll be joined by comedian Michael Jr., who will provide some levity and laughter to the event. Everything about comedy changed for Michael Jr. when he named his life call—to make laughter common in uncommon places. The Future Church Co. shares a passion for helping people and churches to power mission through clarity. Michael Jr. will help all of us process the changes we've experienced in 2020 and take a light-hearted look at what the future of the church could be.

You’ll also meet two local church pastors who were among the first to hear the insights of Future Church earlier this summer and have begun to shift their churches toward this new paradigm.

To RSVP for this powerful Live Online Launch Event, click below.