It has been said that the quality of your life is determined the by the quality of the questions that you ask. The same is true of your ministry. Therefore I have attempted to boil down the six most important questions at different stages of the vision process– from start to finish. That brings 36 questions for church vision to the table for you and your leadership team. Answer these and build process time to work through these and your ministry will never be the same again!

Top 6 Pre-Vision Process Questions

  1. What vision has preceded us in this church's history?
  2. What are our five-year trends?
  3. What is our current state?
  4. What is happening around us including other churches?
  5. From what do our current members base their identity?
  6. Why is imaginative discovery of vision rare today?

Top 6 Vision Process Questions

  1. What are the functions of the various leadership levels and congregation in the process?
  2. If we need a vision or planning group who will make-up the team?
  3. Who will assess, ascertain, articulate the vision?
  4. Will there be a formal process to affirm or approve the vision?
  5. Who will facilitate the process?
  6. What is our process model and related vision framework?

Top 6 Vision Questions

  1. What can we do better than 10,000 other churches?
  2. What are we ultimately supposed to be doing? (mission as missional mandate)
  3. Why do we do what we do? (values as missional motives)
  4. How do we do what we do? (strategy as missional map)
  5. When are we successful? (measures as missional life-marks)
  6. Where is God taking us? (vision proper as missional mountaintop + milestones)

Top 6 Vision Rollout Questions

  1. How will be build internal awareness of the new vision?
  2. How do we create understanding and appreciation of the new vision at every level?
  3. What common questions will need to be answered when the new vision is communicated?
  4. What tools and resources need to be in place when the new vision is communicated?
  5. How do we create urgency when rolling out the new vision?
  6. How will we remind people that this is God's vision?

Top 6 Vision Integration Questions

  1. Who is ultimately responsible for aligning and advancing the vision?
  2. How will the vision be integrated into developing leadership?
  3. How is the vision be integrated into intentional communication?
  4. How will the vision be integrated into duplicatable processes?
  5. How will the vision be integrated into compelling environments?
  6. How will the vision be integrated into conscious culture?

Top 6 Questions for Individual Engagement with the Vision

  1. What do you like best about the vision?
  2. What does the vision mean to you?
  3. What questions do you have about the implications of the vision?
  4. Would you have any hesitation enthusiastically embracing the vision?
  5. What ideas do you have toward the realization of the vision?
  6. Will you give your yourself to the vision with us?