I started Auxano in February of 2004 with a step of faith that felt like jumping off a cliff. I had no money in savings, no clients and no team. But God was calling me to something new, and everything in me wanted to help ministry leaders get vision right. My holy discontent was driven by exposure to photocopied vision in churches over a 3-year season with a national ministry marketing firm.

I got started by serving as an "interim consulting pastor" for a church in California. Within 7 months, we clarified their vision and helped them find a senior pastor. Very quickly the word spread that I was available to do team coaching and calls started coming. In addition, my season at Clear Creek Community Church gave me a platform to talk about church growth. We sustained growth of 500 people a year between 500 and 3000 in attendance, in the late 90s.

Leaving Auxano and Starting Future Church Co.

In August of 2020, I made the strategic decision to leave Auxano and launch Future Church Co. While I very much love the team at Auxano and wish them well, I wanted to take advantage of some new opportunities that had presented themselves. Future Church Co. is three interconnected ministry consulting organizations—Younique, Pivvot, and Denominee. Younique provides tools and a process for churches to use in guiding people to articulate and live out their special calling from God. Pivvot provides church consulting for local church pastors with a combination of fresh tools from the Future Church book as well as time-proven tools from Church Unique and God Dreams. Denominee provides ministry consulting for denominational and church network leaders through a toolbox and process specifically developed to guide denominational leaders to increase the value they deliver to the churches they serve.

I'm more excited than I've ever been about serving churches through ministry consulting that focuses on disciple making, vision clarity, and long-term church growth. I'm grateful for the chapter of my story that you read below and can see how God has used it to bring me to this new phase in my personal calling.

What kind of clients call us? Typically they are Christ-centered, effective teams at one of three stages in their ministry:

  • Fast growth: leaders want to stay focused, guard the "dilution" of their culture, and keep the rocket ride going
  • Slow growth: leaders are looking for strategic direction, deeper alignment, cleared sense of identity and enhanced performance
  • Plateau: leaders are pursuing serious assessment, imaginative discovery, renewed passion and clear next steps