As I compete the countdown for 2014 I want to give you some gold, that has been hidden deep. Bruce Miller is a friend and pastor of Christ Fellowship in Texas. Years ago he wrote a book called Your Life in Rhythm which he then adapted to church leadership to bring Your Church in Rhythm. I wrote the foreword for the latter.

Bruce, helps us answer a critical question for vision and planning: What time is it at your church?  This book uniquely walks you through a chapter on defining your current life-stage as a church and discerning your current ministry season. These are a part of discerning the Kairos rhythms.

In addition Bruce encourages church leaders to look at the five Chronos rhythms that God has built into the universe.

  • Orbital (annual): based on the earth orbiting the sun, about every 365 days
  • Seasonal (quarterly): based on the tilt of the earth shifting, about every 90 days
  • Lunar (monthly): based on the cycle of the moon, about every 29.5 days
  • Sabbath (weekly): based on the creation pattern of seven days
  • Rotational (daily): based on the rotation of the earth, about every 24 hours

So what does all of this rhythm stuff mean? In short, it means leading with more energy to accomplish the right things in the right time. It means leading with sanity and appropriate expectations. I like how Bruce uses a rhythm approach to contrast the default mode of a "balanced health" approach in church leadership. Here is a comparison from the book:

Church vision planning - 6 rhythm strategies


As an effective leader himself, Bruce builds the application of the book around six rhythm strategies; three for kairos and three for chronos.

Kairos Rhythm Strategies

  1. Release Expectations
  2. Seize Opportunities
  3. Anticipate What’s Next

Chronos Rhythm Strategies

  1. Set Your Pace (frequency and flow)
  2. Build Missional Enhancing Rituals (traditions and habits)
  3. Oscillate Intensity and Renewal

I highly encourage you to check out this book and bring these strategies into your thinking as a pastor and team culture as a leader. You won't be disappointed and it may provide break-thru clarity for 2014.

As this concludes out 2014 countdown, I would love to hear from you. Which post of the ten did you benefit from the most?