Pastors who shape culture...

  #1  Don't rely on systems and structure to the neglect of relationships

  #2  Value listening skills as much as speaking skills

  #3  See vision as a state of mind not a statement

  #4  Are motivated more by contextual faithfulness than appearance of success

  #5  Plant the church that the community needs, not the one idealized in their head

  #6  Create their own tools for ministry verses copycat programming

  #7  Lead by letting culture applies its own pressure verses persuasive force

  #8  Can articulate the DNA of their church without borrowing another leader's words

  #9   Cast vision by interpreting and extrapolating experiences not attendance patterns

  #10  Focus more on practicing shared values than valuing best practices

Where did these thoughts come from? On my flight down to Dallas tonight, I was reflecting on time I enjoyed with a great friend in ministry last Thursday- Dave Saathoff, the senior pastor at Bandera Road Community Church, in San Antonio. He is doing some training for his staff and local church pastors next month and will be challenging leaders with the message,   "Don't build a church, build a culture." It reminded me of the working title when I wrote Church Unique which was "Ooze Vision- How Leaders Shape Culture to Guide Growth" These were the thoughts that came to mind as I pondered the distinction in leadership perspective and style.