Ministry and Church EventsI met scores of state and association leaders in the Southern Baptist Convention this week. We had over 30 states working on their  vision in the next 2 years. One leader that impressed me is Robert Turner, Director of Collegiate Ministries for the Baptist Convention of Pennsylvania and South Jersey. He and his team developed these questions.

As you look at them, I would encourage you to pick 4-6 that offer a new perspective or unique angle on your typical approach.  I highlighted my favorite six.

Leadership Questions (to be used by staff to evaluate events or projects)

  1. How was networking with other Great Commission Christians evident?

  2. How was the gospel proclaimed at this event?

  3. How did this event demonstrate creativity and boldness?

  4. If I were to do this again, what would I do differently?

  5. What did I expect to happen as a result of this event?

  6. How will this event empower participants to advance the Kingdom of God in their area?

  7. What are the systems for accountability in this event?

  8. What are the theological/scriptural foundations for this event?

  9. How do you measure excellence for this event?  Did it meet your expectations?

  10. Did I do my best?

  11. How was the purpose and value of this event communicated?

  12. Is there a more cost-effective way to do the ministry or event?  Could it have been done using less money or resources without compromising quality?

  13. How did this event include participation by all our constituents (Christian, Non-Christian)?

  14. How were the diversity of cultures, traditions and values reflected in this meeting?

  15. How did this event serve to identify, call out, and equip new leadership?

  16. What needs to happen now as a result of this event?  What new questions should we be asking?

  17. How was spiritual transformation encouraged in this event?

  18. How did this event utilize the spiritual gifts of the participants and leaders?

  19. How did this event provide opportunities for people to connect with God?

  20. How was prayer a part of the planning for this event?

What evaluation questions would you add? Which one of these is your favorite? I would like yo hear your thoughts.