At the Exponential Conference last week I made a new friend- Scott Williams, a campus pastor at I knew of Scott from his blog,, which is ranked on Kent Schaffer's Top 100 Church Blogs. We had a great time talking about church consulting, the culture at LifeChurch, his new role at Vanderbloemen Search Group, and finally blogging. So I asked, "What are your secrets?" 

He shared three things:

#1 Find your voice.  This insight is huge, but many bloggers don't intentionally cultivate their voice.  I find that voice comes from one of three places: 1) your content specialization, 2) your unique perspective from life experience,  or 3) your raw personality. There is always a blend of these three ingredients, but one defines the others; one is the top of the triangle. Scott blogs about a lot of stuff and can cover lots of angles from family, to church, to social media, to leadership in general. So his voice is really determined by his personality. You see why very quickly when you spend time with Scott and catch it immediately from his blog title. What does BigisTheNewSmall mean- read it here. Scott is energetic, fun, and very insightful and it shines through his blog.

#2 Contribute consistently.  Okay, you've heard that before. What struck me was a simple illustration he used. He said,  "What would you read more- a good newspaper that came every day, or a great newspaper that you were never sure was coming?" That sold me more on the consistency argument. The most helpful thing I have ever heard on consistency was when Seth Godin wrote, "I blog regularly not because I have to, but because I get to." Boom! Is you blog a calling or a chore? 

#3 Drip in Content on Social Media.  If you haven't heard this yet, it really is a secret. Scott makes a connection of his voice with social media once every 5-6 posts. They key here is not jumping out of your voice but finding the overlap, the sweet spot. For example, my voice is defined first by content expertise around clarity and vision. My number one post in the last 6 months is one on the clarity overlap with blogging, The Christian Blogger's Dilemma and What to Do About It. Think about that for a minute, and consider the implications for yourself.